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30-40cm tall. Pink, 5-petalled flowers in dense heads, fleshy, oval & toothed leaves; reddish stem. On coast path.
Can anyone tell me we my 'portrait' photo's are loading as landscape; I am using a newer computer and didn't have this problem on the old one!!

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The photograph problem ...

... is to do with the handling of EXIF information. This can contain information recording the orientation of the camera when the photograph was taken.

Some software (including the image preview on Windows 8) takes note of this, and displays portrait photographs in portrait orientation; other software doesn't. iSpot doesn't either.

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I often have this problem.
My fix is to view the image in my default viewer. Rotate and close so it saves and then rotate back again and close.
Then when I upload it here it loads in the correct orientation.
It's a faff.

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Thank you both. Does sound

Thank you both. Does sound a faff. I'll have a play and maybe look at the older computer again.