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Northern blackbirds

Observed: 21st August 2013 By: dejayM
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A few residents - mostly young birds. Step sisters and brothers, a mum, an aunt - who knows? But all, undoubtedly, blackbirds.
A mixed bag for breakfast each day.
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They are all juveniles, in varying states of post-juvenile moult (first one still to start). The first one may be a male, too, as the tail is looking pretty dark. Once it starts its body moult, you will see the colour of the feathers coming through.


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Interesting Stages of Moult

It's no wonder people get confused from time to time.

Blackbirds round here (North Herfordshire) seem to have done very well this year. Some of the youngsters haven't yet learnt to scatter when people approach - I've been within a couple of meters of them, and they just look at me...


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Maybe then, Simon, you look quite normal - (to them)
Already, here, small falls of incomers are arriving; yesterday I saw a flight of about 10, all very dark birds, alight in the pony field. This seems pretty early to see such movements. Of course, I cannot be certain they are migrants but I can say they all had dark bills.

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Maybe only a little bit

Probably not that early. BirdTrack shows Redwings starting to come in from mid September and the BTO Winter Thrush Survey kicks off in a couple of weeks.