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Centaurea debeauxii ?

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Knapweeds are a problematic group ...

... but this does match the description given for Centaurea debauxii in Stace.

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Also keys out as such in

Flora Europaea
11 Middle bracts pectinate-fimbriate
30 Appendages of middle bracts unarmed
48 Appendages not decurrent on the bracts
49 Florets pink or purple
51 Appendage separated from the bract
52 Lower leaves not tomentose beneath
59 Lower leaves undivided
61 Appendages with long fimbriae
68 Appendages erect at the apex
69 Appendages brown … 186 debeauxii

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Stace describes ...

the "central undivided part of each phyllary" as "lanceolate in shape", as here, but the figure shows a phyllary very similar to C. nigra. C. jacea is shown with a long phyllary, but with the apical region scarcely divided. Photographs of C. jacea on the web include specimens with even less divided phyllaries.

Photographs of C. nigrescens look quite like this, but it is absent from Spain.

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Centaurea in Spain

Centaurea occurring in Spain

Centaurea L.
Centaurea alba L.
Centaurea alba L. subsp. alba
Centaurea alba subsp. ciliata (O. Bolòs & Vigo) Greuter
Centaurea alba subsp. costae (Willk.) Dostál
Centaurea alba subsp. latronum (Pau) Dostál
Centaurea alba subsp. macrocephala (Pau) Talavera
Centaurea alba subsp. maluqueri (Font Quer) Molero & Vigo
Centaurea alba subsp. montsicciana (Pau & Font Quer) Romo
Centaurea alba subsp. tartesiana Talavera
Centaurea amblensis Graells
Centaurea amblensis subsp. tentudaica (Rivas Goday) Rivas Mart.
Centaurea antennata Dufour
Centaurea aristata Hoffmanns. & Link
Centaurea aristata Hoffmanns. & Link subsp. aristata
Centaurea aspera L.
Centaurea aspera L. subsp. aspera
Centaurea aspera subsp. scorpiurifolia (Dufour) Nyman
Centaurea aspera subsp. stenophylla (Dufour) Nyman
Centaurea auricularis Pau
Centaurea avilae Pau
Centaurea benedicta (L.) L.
Centaurea bethurica E. López & Devesa
Centaurea boissieri DC.
Centaurea boissieri DC. subsp. boissieri
Centaurea boissieri subsp. funkii (Willk.) Blanca
Centaurea boissieri subsp. mariolensis (Rouy) Dostál
Centaurea boissieri subsp. willkommii (Willk.) Dostál
Centaurea bombycina DC.
Centaurea bombycina DC. subsp. bombycina
Centaurea bombycina subsp. xeranthemoides (Willk.) Blanca & al.
Centaurea borjae Valdés Berm. & Rivas Goday
Centaurea calcitrapa L.
Centaurea carratracensis Lange
Centaurea castellana Boiss. & Reut.
Centaurea castellanoides Talavera
Centaurea castellanoides subsp. arundana E. López & Devesa
Centaurea castellanoides Talavera subsp. castellanoides
Centaurea castellanoides subsp. talaverae E. López & Devesa
Centaurea cavanillesiana Graells
Centaurea citricolor Font Quer
Centaurea clementei DC.
Centaurea collina L.
Centaurea collina subsp. serratulifolia Hayek
Centaurea corcubionensis M. Laínz
Centaurea cordubensis Font Quer
Centaurea coronata Lamy
Centaurea debeauxii Godr. & Gren.
Centaurea decipiens Thuill.
Centaurea decipiens subsp. ruscinonensis (Boiss.) Dostál
Centaurea diffusa Lam.
Centaurea diluta Aiton
Centaurea eliasii Sennen & Pau
Centaurea emigrantis Bubani
Centaurea emporitana Hayek
Centaurea eriophora L.
Centaurea exarata Coss.
Centaurea gabrielis-blancae Fern. Casas
Centaurea gadorensis Blanca
Centaurea genesii-lopezii Fern. Casas & Susanna
Centaurea granatensis DC.
Centaurea haenseleri (Boiss.) Boiss. & Reuter
Centaurea hanrii Jord.
Centaurea hanrii subsp. isernii (Willk.) Smythies
Centaurea hanrii subsp. spinabadia (Timb.-Lagr.) Smythies
Centaurea hervieri Degen
Centaurea homoeoscevos Pau
Centaurea hyalolepis Boiss.
Centaurea hyssopifolia Vahl
Centaurea involucrata Desf.
Centaurea jacea L.
Centaurea jacea subsp. dracunculifolia (Dufour) A. Bolòs
Centaurea jacea subsp. timbalii (Martrin-Donos) Braun-Blanq.
Centaurea jacea subsp. vinyalsii (Sennen) O. Bolòs & al.
Centaurea jaennensis Degen & Debeaux
Centaurea janeri Graells
Centaurea janeri subsp. babiana Laínz
Centaurea janeri subsp. gallaecica M. Laínz
Centaurea joviniana Sennen & Pau
Centaurea lagascana Graells
Centaurea lainzii Fern. Casas
Centaurea langei Nyman
Centaurea legionis-septimae Fern. Casas & Susanna
Centaurea leucophaea Jord.
Centaurea leucophaea subsp. ochrolopha (Costa) Dostál
Centaurea limbata Hoffmanns. & Link
Centaurea limbata subsp. geresensis (Arènes) Franco
Centaurea linifolia L.
Centaurea mariana Nyman
Centaurea maroccana Ball
Centaurea melanosticta (Lange) Franco
Centaurea melitensis L.
Centaurea micracantha Dufour
Centaurea micrantha Hoffmanns. & Link
Centaurea microptilon (Godr.) Godr. & Gren.
Centaurea molesworthiae E. López & al.
Centaurea monticola DC.
Centaurea nevadensis Boiss. & Reut.
Centaurea nigra L.
Centaurea nigra subsp. rivularis (Brot.) Cout.
Centaurea omphalotricha (Batt.) Batt. & Trab.
Centaurea ornata Willd.
Centaurea oscensis (E. López & Devesa) Raab-Straube & Greuter
Centaurea paniculata L.
Centaurea paniculata L. subsp. paniculata
Centaurea paui Willk.
Centaurea pauneroi Talavera & J. M. Muñoz
Centaurea pectinata L.
Centaurea pectinata L. subsp. pectinata
Centaurea pinae Pau
Centaurea pinnata Vicioso
Centaurea podospermifolia Loscos & J. Pardo
Centaurea polymorpha Lag.
Centaurea prolongoi DC.
Centaurea pubescens Willd.
Centaurea pullata L.
Centaurea pullata subsp. baetica Talavera
Centaurea pulvinata (Blanca) Blanca
Centaurea resupinata Coss.
Centaurea resupinata subsp. dufourii (Dostál) Greuter
Centaurea resupinata subsp. lagascae (Nyman) Fern. Casas & Susanna
Centaurea resupinata subsp. prostrata (Coss.) Greuter
Centaurea resupinata Coss. subsp. resupinata
Centaurea resupinata subsp. saguntina (Mateo & M. B. Crespo) Greuter
Centaurea rouyi Coincy
Centaurea sagredoi Blanca
Centaurea saxicola Lag.
Centaurea saxicola subsp. jimenezii Molero
Centaurea saxifraga Coincy
Centaurea scabiosa L.
Centaurea scabiosa subsp. cephalariifolia (Willk.) Greuter
Centaurea scabiosa L. subsp. scabiosa
Centaurea schousboei Lange
Centaurea segariensis Figuerola & al.
Centaurea seridis L.
Centaurea seridis subsp. cruenta (Willd.) Dostál
Centaurea seridis subsp. maritima (Dufour) Dostál
Centaurea seridis L. subsp. seridis
Centaurea seridis subsp. sonchifolia (L.) Greuter
Centaurea sicula L.
Centaurea solstitialis L.
Centaurea sphaerocephala L.
Centaurea sphaerocephala subsp. malacitana (Boiss.) Dostál
Centaurea sphaerocephala subsp. polyacantha (Willd.) Dostál
Centaurea sphaerocephala L. subsp. sphaerocephala
Centaurea sulphurea Willd.
Centaurea thuillieri J. Duvign. & Lambinon
Centaurea toletana Boiss. & Reut.
Centaurea urgellensis Sennen
Centaurea xerolepida Pau