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Observed: 21st August 2013 By: dejayM
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a worm?

Recovering after a hectic season. Our alpha male only really managed half decent broods this year as the territory was shared with another pushy male. It was difficult to separate the females - if there were two. Some youngsters, from the first brood, created havoc by simply being around. By the end of it all about 4 youngsters and 3 adults birds are all vying for the morning's porridge. To top it all, a small fall of foreign dark-bills came late today.
He is obviously recovering, moulting away but fattening up and back to his old ways - delightful postures.
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This is what it's all about

Behaviour is far more interesting than rarity for me.
I want to re-build the cottage I live in, so that my work-room overlooks the garden proper. But I would probably be a lot less productive...

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My dream, of this, came true when we moved here. These are taken from the window, where I sit in the Captain's chair overlooking Scapa Flow. In the foreground (through huge windows), the lawn, backdropped by Rosa rugosa, birds come to speak and play out their little cameos.
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