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Pretty robin - note the wing bar.

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Robin photo

The pale wing-bar indicates that this is a first-year bird, hatched in 2009. See Martin Cade's comments on the PBO web site

Bob Ford

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wing bar

Dear Bob

Thanks for the information and the link



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Aging using wing bar.

I would be wary of aging this bird using the pale wing bar. A bird hatched in 2009 would usually be expected to show some contrast between adult type greater coverts and juvenile type ones (with pale tips), following a partial autumn moult (this can be seen in the images in the linked PBO page). Adults do (apparently rarely) have complete pale wing bars, and in these birds there is no obvious contrast between new and old coverts.
It may well be correct to say that this is one of last years young though, perhaps one that not moulted any juvenile greater coverts? Apparent pale tips to a couple of the median coverts (higher up on the wing), + the dark leg colour may support this age.

Note- I'm just giving an opinion, I'm certainly not going to claim that I'm right about this!

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Robin Photo


A great photo of a robin.