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Potato flower

Observed: 21st July 2013 By: dejayM
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Only two sorts in my garden this year - Maris Piper and King Edward.
The flowers are a marvel of anatomy and very photogenic.
Only about five others on iSpot.
I know (thought I knew!) which is which here. You?

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Setting your own quizzes now?

Setting your own quizzes now? Are you going to award stars?
I don't think the white flowers belong to either of the two varieties you named, as they both have purple flowers. Here are two websites that may help you sort out which varieties you growing;


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...says on the tin

Yes Steve, thanks. Never rely on the packaging...To be honest I was considering posting each under the names I made up - thank goodness, then, I didn't.
Your link yielded this

Poor crop this year - too dry I think..(nice taste though)
ðj ★ black star!