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Darkling Beetle

Observed: 12th June 2013 By: geff.2007geff.2007’s reputation in Invertebratesgeff.2007’s reputation in Invertebratesgeff.2007’s reputation in Invertebratesgeff.2007’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Can someone i.d this chubby little beetle please.
Dozens of these seen on a board walk close to the beach in Viareggio.

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Thanks stho002 - your i.d.

Thanks stho002 - your i.d. set me off on the right track and having done more investigating I think that this is likely to be Pimelia bipunctata although with 20,000 to choose from I stand to be corrected.

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There's an issue here.
YOUR ID panel is not populated in the normal way - NBN, Wiki etc.
Looking at the web (as you do) Darkling brings forth loads of NON-lookalikes - of course it's a huge range.
Yet EOL has Pimelia bipunctata here
Wiki has this
NBN doesn't recognise the name. WHY?
Searching Google images for Pimelia only gave me results for Pimelea (nice flowers) unless I was very assertive with spelling.
Unless you took good notes or have better pictures you are unlikely to know which one (there's a lesson for us all!).
In the meantime, and for a short while, I have placed an agreement - to see if it alters the ID panel (it didn't and hasn't)Maybe Stephen in New Zealand can help.
Later then - I removed my agreement. Thanks for your response. Good wishes

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Thanks for the agreement and

Thanks for the agreement and comments. As I stated in Confidence: It may be this. It seems to me that I have to have reservations with 20,000 to choose from but if you Google Pimelia bipunctata there are a lot that look just like my o.b. I am afraid that there are no notes or better photos and only a short video of it chomping on some crust!