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Strange Spider

Observed: 27th May 2010 By: devilnin

I found this spider on my table. It is black with white around its carapace and a little bit of white on its abdomen. It has longish legs and it was quite small but not that small. It had feelers but with alien like round spots on the end of them. It also did this very strange alien type dance almost. I have looked it up everywhere and I couldn't find it anywhere! It wasn't a jumping spider or anything! Help!! It also had black beggining on its legs and then it was red and then it finished on black. The spiders body shape was very strange too!

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Philodromus dispar

Hi DShubble,

I have looked upsome pictures of this species you have suggested to me and it does look alot like the spider I have. The thing about mine is that it just looks that little bit more diffrent to the spider you suggested but in the eye it looks diffrent! Its very strange!