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help identifying bug/ possible infestation

Hi, I'm hoping all you bug lovers out there can help me with my problem.I live in Queens, NY and I have a bug in my home that I have been seeing more and more recently. My girlfriend who lives with me has been getting weird bites as well and I have a feeling this bug may be the perpetrator. I took some shots with my cell phone camera after trapping one of them. I'm new to this site so I'm sorry if I'm approaching this wrong but I am highly concerned as my girlfriend is very sensitive to these types of bites. The bug in question seems to have a big pod, some type of mite I presume but I haven't been able to find anything matching it. It looks like it has 4 pairs of 2 legs as well. I've posted a picture on a separate account for observation. ANY FEEDBACK WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. I've provided a link to some photos so as you can have a visual to discern from. Sorry i couldn't provide a more thorough close-up I only had my cell cam.




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I think it is a spider

I think it is a spider beetle, family Ptinidae. I've not heard of them biting people. They are supposed to be scavengers. I have them in my house and have never been bothered by them but I daresay yours is a different species from what we have in Britain.

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Most people in iSpot

Use the observations gallery, not the forums. So posting your photos as an observation (don't add an id, just classify as Invertebrates) might produce a better response.
Several sites note that these do not bite, but say that if you have them, you may also have other, more secretive, insects around; such as bed bugs.