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Tiny flower

Observed: 18th August 2013 By: Ann BaughanAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in PlantsAnn Baughan’s reputation in Plants
Tiny flower

Flowerhead about 1 cm diameter. White petals with a yellow centre.

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I've never seen it -

But I may well have passed it over, thinking at a quick glance it was Bittersweet. And there it was in Stourport-on-Severn, where I worked for nearly a decade!
It has an interesting history, if you read the Wikipedia entry at

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Solanum nigrum is a ruderal

In my experience the two principal habits that Solanum nigrum turns up in are

1) maize fields (and to a lesser extent other arable crops) - it will grow on wheat and barley fields after the crop has been harvested.

2) urban roadsides, perhaps more often in the gutters than on the pavements.

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Black nightshade

The photo shows all the plant, so no wonder you missed seeing it.

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It gets a whole lot bigger

I've got a patch in my garden where it grows and spreads. It's difficult to pull out if you let it get too big - one plant can cover a square metre, and it produces hundreds of berries. Not my favourite weed!