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Dusky Sallow

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: toricatucitoricatuci’s reputation in Invertebrates

This moth was just sitting on a knapweed, not too fussed about my presence. I was on a chalk grassland hilltop meadow in Sussex

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If you go to the top and edit your sighting, adding the scientific name (press 'Get recommended'), you will get credit for the sighting and it will be added to others of the species on iSpot.


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Hi Toricatuci, I meant to

Hi Toricatuci,

I meant to add a comment saying, just adding scientific name. As Ian says above, it is always of significant benefit to avail of Get recommended to insert the scientific name in your ID.


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Thanks for that...

I love a bug hunt - and it's nice to get a good image too.