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Large pale grey-brown mushroom

Observed: 19th August 2013 By: Dryopithecus

Cap: 15cm diameter; rounded with slight umbel; cuticle pale grey-brown, silky, bruising pale yellow; flesh solid, brownish white, 14mm thick nr stem, tapering rapidly towards rim
Gills: free, purple-brown, crowded
Spores: purplish-black
Ring: single?, drooping, pale pink-yellow
Stem: 19mm dia at top, 25mm at ground level; ca. 13cm long; cuticle as cap; flesh brownish white, slightly granular; hollow at base.
The coin is a British £1, diameter 22.5mm


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Dryopithecus's picture

?Horse Mushroom - addendum

The yellow has faded in the 6 hours since the photos were taken, the general colour now being a pale yellowish brown with a darker umbel.