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Need help quickly please :)

Observed: 18th August 2013 By: sophie bagshawsophie bagshaw’s reputation in Birdssophie bagshaw’s reputation in Birdssophie bagshaw’s reputation in Birds
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An escapee

You can see the harness.
Professional falconers use these a lot to clear pigeons from warehouses, and gulls from landfills.

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If you do come this way Sophie, there are dozens of your posts with good IDs given by others, which you have not acknowledged.
It suggest that you might not have the Filter in your MY Spot ticked (Observations Authored by you). This would ensure that you get all notifications related to your postings.

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what? :/

I don't understand what I am suppose to do

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it seemed

Sophie - no problem. It seemed that you were not returning to your posts once you had made them. You have lots of suggested ID's and comments from others. When someone gives you an ID you really ought to agree (IF you agree!) or expand if you don't agree.
I had assumed that you were not receiving notification because you hadn't got the Filter (I mentioned) ticked. When you ask for a quick response and get it, it would be polite to say thanks via a comment.
Many of your posts have comments, all of which look helpful and some are asking for a response.
If you don't understand the bit about filters I'll expand.
This is no big issue - honest.
Good wishes

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okay i get it now, i will try and respond to people then and say if i agree or not

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need help quickly please :)

Sophie - each time an agreement or comment is added to this post, we all get notified (8 times now).
Maybe you could change the Post Title to something less urgent?