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Dragonfly - darter

Observed: 14th August 2013 By: goforitgirlgoforitgirl’s reputation in Invertebratesgoforitgirl’s reputation in Invertebrates
dragonfly - darter
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Unfortnately we can't see the all-important leg detail - yellow stripes or all black - but I'm inclined more towards Common Darter S. striolatum:

  • the frons doesn't look red enough for a Ruddy,
  • the (lack of) extent of the black on the top and side of the frons looks more like Common,
  • and I fancy I can see the two-tone side panels of the thorax.
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I'm afraid I would go for Common Darter too, if you view the image original size you con make out the yellow stripes on the forelegs.


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'Pale' stripes!