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Hairy caterpillar

Observed: 18th August 2013 By: jenjen21jenjen21’s reputation in Invertebratesjenjen21’s reputation in Invertebratesjenjen21’s reputation in Invertebrates
hairy caterpillar

Just under 2cm across - I presume not fully grown.

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Hi Vinny,If you take a look

Hi Vinny,

If you take a look at the Vapourer at 8mm in ukleps you should see that its tufts haven't grown from their orange bases yet, as above. The 2 orange dots are on Vapourer as well and become more red as it develops.


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I agree...

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Hi Vinny,The paired orange

Hi Vinny,

The paired orange dots on the exact same part of the dorsal surface is quite a coincidence. Such a feature would more often than not be really distinctive and probably diagnostic. I wasn't at all aware of the feature on the immature Brown-tail larva until you pointed it out.