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Giant Hogweed

Observed: 18th August 2013 By: robin.crobin.c’s reputation in Plantsrobin.c’s reputation in Plants
Giant Hogweed

Thickish ribbed stem,no dark spotting observed, only a few spiky leaves lower down. The pod on the top of the stem seems to have germinated?

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Hi Robin. the leaves of H

Hi Robin.
the leaves of H sphondylium are quite variable. not always rounded; sometimes a little spiky. and for me, the lack of purple blotching and presence of downy hair on the stems here, point away from the spectacular invader and towards the bog standard, native Heracleum.

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Bog standard

I suppose the point is that there is no such thing as a 'bog standard' Hogweed, since you quite often meet tiny specimens only a few inches high, as well as unusually tall specimens...all depending upon where it is growing.

Giant hogweed is one of those where you know it when you see it...paler green leaves which are larger and spikier...the whole plant looks giant and exciting!


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Thanks guys, any info on that bulbous thing on the stem?