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Two strange things that grow at the same time

Observed: 27th May 2010 By: this is reginathis is regina’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

these two strange things grew at the same time on a dead tree trunk.


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A guess

I think this is another of one of our strangest types of organisms, a slime mould aggregation.
If you haven't come across these, they are single-celled creatures that come together in these aggregations when times are hard or they "want" to breed. They then act like a single multi-celled fungus and form spore bodies. This may be what you have here.
There are others posted on i-SPot that are definitely slime moulds, and some others that might be. Check out "Fungus or slime on tree" by rediguide for a possibly remarkable aggregation. (Or not,as the case may be!)

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Rediguide's observation is at

Rediguide's observation is at

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Another guess

Hey, slime mould sounds very interesting. I saw it and wondered could this be a type of witches' butter? Fungus, I think? Not sure, but it might be?
Was it jelly like?

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These look like older

These look like older specimens of Enteridium (Reticularia?) lycerpodon, the Puffball Slime Mould

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strange things

It's life Jim, but not as we know it...

Bob Ford

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another guess

paul in hildenb...,
Was it jelly like?
I'm not sure that it was jelly like, I wasn't tempted to touch it :) but it looked very soft and 'liquidy'. (apologies for my lack of vocabulary in describing slime moulds)

If you look at the pictures pf the larger one, it looks like something has ripped it. It could have been a squirrel as they live climbing this tree.

Also, if it might help, this had grown in the space of a day.. or maybe even quicker. I keep a close eye on this tree because it never ceases to impress me with the things that grow from it.

Hope the above help having another guess.


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post scriptum

Also, if it might help, this had grown in the space of a day..

... of a rainy day. The days before have been sunny, and the day it rained, both of the moulds came out. I found them in the morning.

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Grown in a day -

- could describe either the fruiting body of a fungus or the aggregation of a slime mould.
Slime moulds are apparently edible (in South America one species is called "moon dung" - suggests they aren't a culinary delight!), so it's quite likely a slug or bird (or squirrel) has had a taste.