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Field Vole

Observed: 18th August 2013 By: John PilkingtonJohn Pilkington’s reputation in MammalsJohn Pilkington’s reputation in MammalsJohn Pilkington’s reputation in Mammals

One of three seen emerging from holes in Gwyl Taf project area, following the clearance of a mixture of Bracken and Rosebay Willowherb. They moved extremely quickly, seeking cover under vegetation and debris, so photography was very "hit and miss"; this was only successful image obtained.
Title and ID amended after Gill's feedback.

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Vole species

Although the vole has a distinct reddish tinge on its head and shoulders, the rest of the body is definitely grey and the ears are also quite well-hidden in the fur which would suggest field-vole. However I can't see the tail to use the length as a diagnostic feature, so wouldn't go closer than vole species on the basis of the photo. If anything I'm more inclined towards field vole.

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