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2013-08-17 16.12.39
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Species with which St. John's Wort (Hypericum) interacts


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Hypericum ID

To identify a Hypericum, we need either clear photos of the different parts of the plant, or a description in words. Important features include the stem (square, 2-ridged, unridged); the presence or absence of black dots on flowers, leaves and/or sepals; hairy or not; presence or absence of translucent dots on the leaves; and whether the plant is growing in acidic or limey conditions. The more information given, the better!

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Parsing the stem finer ...

... square/4-ridged versus 4-winged, in addition to 2-ridged and unridged.

The relative lengths of sepals, petals and stamens also comes in handy.

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thank you

thank you