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Observed: 18th August 2013 By: nikkidevnikkidev’s reputation in Invertebratesnikkidev’s reputation in Invertebratesnikkidev’s reputation in Invertebratesnikkidev’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_5426_jmnr_hover 180813
IMG_5429_jmnr_hover 180813
IMG_5430_hover 180813
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Never easy to judge wing length v abdomen unless the wings are closed, but this is probably scripta, as nikkidev says.


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It is likely scripta however it assumes the image is taken on an even plane and there are no perspective effects as Ian States above ( there is nothing in the image that demonstrates where the wings fall relative to the abdomen) - they are a few other Sphaerophoria's . This is a Male which in theory wings should fall short of the abdomen end, which Nicki correctly , points out, which however is a tight call when measured relative to the exposed abdomen which when interposed comes close to tip hence my call to Genus Only as a safe ob