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Observed: 10th August 2013 By: dejayM
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My most favourite wild flower, I lived with the name in childhood, having read Little Grey Men (by BB - Denys James Watkins-Pitchford)
Sporadic and a little less common here than many places in the UK - tighly seasonal in my short Orkney experience.
Usually at damp field edges. A wonderful fraction-off-white with good hints of grey at the centre which also shows some yellow as it blossoms.
Known in horticultural circles as The Pearl but has a lot of other names - sneezeweed, bastard pellitory, European pellitory, fair-maid-of-France, goose tongue, sneezewort yarrow, wild pellitory, white tansy.
Ptarmica comes from the Greek word ptairo (sneeze). So, does a ptarmigan sound like a sneeze?
Edible yet poisonous to cattle - sneezewort not ptarmigan.
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love that 1st pic!

love that 1st pic!