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Rodent damaged fish.

Observed: 14th August 2013 By: nightflynightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammalsnightfly’s reputation in Mammals
14 Aug 13 (24)

A 12-13" brown trout left on the ground in a broad marshy upland lake fringe. 1 hour later when picked up to go home something had found it and began to dine on it. It might be impossible to suggest the species of mammal which is responsible, rat being the most obvious culprit but I havent seen a rat there before in a over a decade of regular visits. Ive had several fish stolen by rats at river bank and sea shore in the past. They tend to take them away with them into cover. Im not sure if the habitat is right for rat, pristine upland marsh?
I did observe a small mammal swimming less than an hour before this fish was caught. I do not believe it was a rat, a mink nor a juvenile otter, I followed it and watched it swim from 20-25 feet and then it concealed itself in aquatic vegetation. Very broad brown head like nothing I had seen before and I think it may have been a vole though I havent researched vole species nor their status in Ireland yet(I think the bank vole might be native?). This thing looked like a small beaver paddling quite vigorously, way too much head visible for a rat or a mink and head to bulky.
Any suggestions very much welcomed.


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