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Caterpillar not a lizard!

Observed: 15th August 2013 By: Ruth HannahRuth Hannah’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Caterpillar not a lizard!
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My first ispot

I ve done lots of google to try to work out what it is! I think it s an elephant hawk moth- many of the photos on line however don t show the very bright colours on the eye patterns as this one had - is it a hybrid of the species?

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Hi Ruth, you need to add a Latin name to complete your ID. Add a revised ID enter the common name and then press " get recommended" for the Latin name. It is this name that links your sighting to others on iSpot.

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New at this

Hello Chris thank you I ve managed to add the Latin name now. What a great website.

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New at this

Hi Ruth, thanks for your kind comment. I have not seen one with these reddish eye markings but it has a prominent horn and I cannot think of anything else it could be.

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A slightly odd

Colouration, but I'm sure the identification is right.
With caterpillars, the food plant is often important, but the little beggars don't always co-operate, as here!

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Welcome to iSpot

Thanks for making your first posting on iSpot Ruth. There are some short 'video screencasts' in the help section of the website which might give you a few pointers on how to use the site to get the most from it.

Hope you continue to find the website useful.

Best wishes

Debbie Alston