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Garden weeds

Observed: 17th August 2013 By: cspry

My vegetable patch is overrun by weeds, including these two. The on the right is most successful. I have used compost from grass and other garden cuttings and horse manure two years ago.

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Plants look different laid out naked like that ...

... but the right hand one is Stellaria media (chickweed) and I think that the left hand one is a Veronica (speedwell) - perhaps Veronica persica (common field speedwell), but it is easier to tell the speedwells apart with flowers.

[You'd do better to put the two different plant types up as two observations - iSpot works on the principle of one species per observation.]

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I agree with the chickweed..

.. for the right-hand one, and the other might well be a Veronica.

It is, indeed, easier to identify plants when they are growing, rather than when pulled up: weird but true.

The ruler is good, though, for showing the scale.

If you really want to know what they are, you could set aside a very small area of the veg patch and let half a dozen of the plants grow to maturity, so you can see the flowers.

Most of these little weeds come from airborne seed, they are unlikely to have arrived in the horse manure: and they are easily pulled out or hoed out, so they shouldn't cause you too much concern!

Rachy Ramone

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or left hand one might be

or left hand one might be Welsh poppy - what colour is the sap?