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Group of Bees - 3 different 'types'

Observed: 12th August 2013 By: toricatucitoricatuci’s reputation in Invertebrates

I came across a recent large mammal 'hole' in the grassland surrounding a car park and in it was a moving pile of around 8-10 bees. They were climbing all over each other; often in one big pile before one would fly off. There was one large bee which was black all over with an orange bottom, several small identical bees with orange bottoms and then several small identical bees with yellow bottoms. I have a few videos too as they were waggling to each other as well.

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Bombus lapidarius - queen and

Bombus lapidarius - queen and workers. Bumblebees do not have the waggle dance of honeybees.

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So if they are bumblebees; what were the worker bees doing when they were extending their wings and shaking about a bit (on the spot)? Is it only called 'waggling' when they are in the air?

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I expect you can call it

I expect you can call it 'waggling' any time you want, but Bombus has nothing similar to the communication dance of honeybees. You linked it to 'waggle dance'.

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The males look slightly

The males look slightly different to the queen and the workers; they also have yellow fur on the thorax