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Small reed

Observed: 15th August 2013 By: anonymous spotter
Calamgrostis canescens Roudsea  (4)
Calamgrostis canescens Roudsea  (3)
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Species with which Purple Small-Reed (Calamagrostis canescens) interacts


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The tallest grass on picture

The tallest grass on picture 1 is Phragmites australis; the smaller one is a Calamagrostis, assuming picture 2 is a detail of the smaller grass on picture 1.
Maybe, Yagoin you could add the ID, so we can agree with you and it get databsed by the right species by ispot.

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According to the image captions ...

... Yagoin thinks that the smaller grass is Calam(a)grostis canescens. (For some reason he neglected to add iSpot identifications to a recent batch of unusual plants, but included identifications in the image captions.)

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hummm ... that's where I got

hummm ... that's where I got confused!