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(Netelia inedita)

Observed: 15th August 2013 By: ThistleThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in InvertebratesThistle’s reputation in Invertebrates
(Netelia inedita)
(Netelia inedita)

I think this is an ichneumon, possible a Netelia. It came to a light left on overnight. on 4mm grid. Can anyone help with an ID, please?
Edit: 2nd photo added.
Edit: Changed to match gavb's ID. Many thanks.

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Would certainly agree that it looks like either Netelia or Ophion, both of Which I've seen only a handful. No doubt there are dozens of similar sp which are not as well documented in field guides. One of the hymenoptera experts on here must surely be able to nail this.


Stuart Elsom

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gavb's profile surely shows him to be just such an expert. I'm more than happy to accept his ID and am grateful to him for providing his expertise.


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Thanks to gavb for the ID.

I note that when I put Netelia inedita into iSpot it returns Netelia (Paropheltes) thomsonii as its preferred name. Which is the up-to-date name?


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I suppose catalogues are

I suppose catalogues are still listing N. inedita as a synonym of thomsonii but that is incorrect. Netelia thomsonii is a different species, not found in Britain. I'll be formally publishing this and various other changes soon.

Gavin Broad