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Blue flower

Observed: 15th August 2013 By: Jane Lucas
blue flower

I initially throught it was chicory but it isn't possibly either blue sow thistle or cornflower

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Cornflower is pseudoradiate ...

... that is it is a member of the thistle group of daisies which only have tubular florets, and in the case of cornflower the outer florets are spreading and zygomorphic. Chichory and blue sow thistle (like the yellow sow thistles, not a "proper" thistle) belong the dandelion (or chicory or lettuce group) which have only ligulate florets, in which the petals are fused into a flattened, toothed, structure.

So, this is not a cornflower. Cichorium and Cicerbita can be distinguished by the foliage (Cicerbita has large, lobed, basal leaves) and by the inflorescence structure (Cicerbita has loose apical corymbs).

There are some other blue cichorioid (dandelion-group) daisies - Catanache and some Lactuca species - but there are very rarely encountered. (Not that Cicerbita, or even Cichorium is all that common.) There are also purple ones (some Tragopogon species).