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Little green duck billed bug caught in moth trap

Observed: 9th August 2013 By: snjstuartsnjstuart’s reputation in Invertebrates
weird little bug caught in moth trap

Photo shows it clearly. I didn't measure but you some idea of size from piece of bark it is sat on, I'd guess it was no more than 20mm. I'm new to using moth trap, so perhaps these are a common catch, but I haven't a clue what it is, and I'd like to record it. Thanks!

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Perfect! Quick google and I

Perfect! Quick google and I see it's found locally across southern britain on lichen covered trees, especially oaks. Which is perfect match to the damp woodland habitat near to the moth trap.

Many thanks!

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Helpful Website

I find this is a useful website for help with Bugs, Hemiptera,


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Thank you for link, what a

Thank you for link, what a great site. I'm still trying to learn how to ID bees, I've only just started learning moths, I'd like to learn dragonflies....and now I've added bugs to the list too :-)