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Green tortoise beetle

Observed: 14th August 2013 By: jonathanbye1jonathanbye1’s reputation in Invertebratesjonathanbye1’s reputation in Invertebratesjonathanbye1’s reputation in Invertebrates
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From memory, the corners of

From memory, the corners of the pronotum of C. viridis are more rounded than in your specimen. For example

What plant was it on?

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tortoise beetle

I think I'm right in saying it was on comfrey. I may have other photos showing other aspects more clearly - which areas would help?

Jonathan Bye

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Underside might help.

Underside might help. Close-up showing puncturation on elytra? On the whole, I'd rather have Cassida specimens under the microscope, but someone else might be able to do it from photos.

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Green Tortoise Beetle

I have another photo, perhaps showing further details useful for id. Don't know how to add it other than in a new observation (27th Aug).

Jonathan Bye

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Thistle tortoise beetle

This is Cassida rubiginosa (thistle tortoise beetle) the pointed corners to the pronotum are clearly visible. These are much more rounded in C.viridis (as J Bratton points out) the slight 'rusty' mark on the scutellum is variable but just visible.