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Lesser Black-backed - at least one

Observed: 29th March 2013 By: Mark BurgessMark Burgess’s reputation in BirdsMark Burgess’s reputation in BirdsMark Burgess’s reputation in Birds
Lisbon  29-03-2013 12-06-42
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Gulls in Lisbon

I find the front one interesting - I would guess a Herring Gull sub-species given the whacking great bill - one of the Yellow-Legged races? (despite the apparent pinkish upper part of the legs).

The back one might be GBB Gull, and the middle one a juvenile LBB.

But sorting gulls out from a single photo can be very hard even in the UK - I would consider myself out of my depth overseas!

Good luck


Alan Brampton (Benson)

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gulls in a row

Hi Alan,

You do get Yellow-legged in Lisbon and they do have dark backs – the one in front struck me as unusually dark, but I’m sure you’re correct.

bets wishes