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20130721_115406 Moth Harrogate

Observed: 21st July 2013 By: Cardiff Boy 2Cardiff Boy 2’s reputation in InvertebratesCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in InvertebratesCardiff Boy 2’s reputation in Invertebrates
20130721_115406 Moth Harrogate
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Certainly looks like a

Certainly looks like a pyralid, possibly melanic. It would be good to know the size and whether the colour is a true representation.

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Size and colour

From memory about 18mm forewing i.e. medium size macro, bigger than most pyralids. But my memory could be wrong, I din't keep any notes on this occasion. Probably beyond id.

Colour - probably not brilliant but that's what the image captured and i can't add to it.

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Looks to be an underexposed photo taken on a white background; when I lighten the picture up I think I can see markings consistent with U. prunalis. Might be my over active imagination!

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Zooming in on original of image - legs do look white. But sometimes flash can cause that.