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A tall tree with head-high lower branches with shiny elongate green "bulbs" on. Grey smooth bark.
My sister (holding the branch) did not report any sticky feel to leaves or pods.

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Oops ...

... it's Juglans nigra rather than both walnut species that has more leaflets than the hickories.

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nigra v regia

Well the leaves had no hairs on the underside like nigra, were completely smooth (as regia). The terminal leaflet is the largest.
The bark is smooth and pale, not dark and ridged.
So I still think it is J. regia

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Yes ...

... my previous comment was conceding that excluding Juglans regia on the basis of the number of leaflets was an error. This tree is, I understand, on the low side (5-(7)) for the number of leaflets for Juglans regia, but within the range (5-9) of the species.

I've had difficulty finding a trait to distinguish Juglans from Carya which is applicable to these photographs - Carya does have shaggy bark when older, but I don't know for certain whether this is old enough. Juglans have entire-margined leaflets, whilst Carya has finely serrated leaflets. I think that the hint of serration that I see is aliasing/JPEG artefacts, and the leaflets here are entire - hence Juglans.

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well, I will concede that I could not understand your points in the id. and subsequent comment; seemed a bit garbled, and I am still not quite sure which you are agreeing / contesting. And I was not particularly generous with descriptive detail to go with the photographs.

Have you seen / got Eyewitness Handbooks "Trees" by Allen J.Coombes [Dorling Kindersley] ISBN 0-86318-812-5. I have some difficulty with it because it seems to rely on you knowing what you are looking for and is listed by (I think) families, and the index concentrates on the Latin. So I have to go page by page, but it is pretty good at listing details of leaves, bark, flowers, fruit.. etc

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UK Exclusion Zone

This is a really interesting Post. I too think it Walnut and having agreed, just now, expected that I might swing Likely - I have not, says a lot for my 'reputation'. Ha!!
Now, how can we do it? Persuade Ambroise!
There's another thing -
This was originally a UKSI post (Geoffrey's good at that) but is now Global - am I right?