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Tall plant

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I do not know if this is a shrub, bush or tree-to-be. It may well be an alien import. I do not know if the tangle of dark grey fronds/roots at the base belong to the same plant.
The trunk/stem base is ~6-9 cm dia. and layered (a bit like a pineapple), the leaves are somewhat fluffy except the ones that stick out like tongues. The flowers are blue bells slightly smaller than and adult little finger end.
It is in Milntown formal ornamental garden.

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Giant echium

is also a name for this - great fun to grow from seed - if the frost doesn't get it - the bees love it and you can hear the plant from quite a distance

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Giant echium

I had meant to title it "Triffid". I cannot recall ever having seen one previously, even in the UK. But maybe I just was not paying attention.
I will certainly look for it in the wild, and hopefully remember its name.
Many thanks.

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I have seen it mainly in the south west of England especially on the Isles of Scilly

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Most records of this species ...

... are from the south west, but there are some records from the Isle of Man from late in the last century.

But I would suspect this plant of being cultivated.