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Creeping water mint ?

Observed: 10th August 2013 By: John BrattonJohn Bratton’s reputation in PlantsJohn Bratton’s reputation in PlantsJohn Bratton’s reputation in PlantsJohn Bratton’s reputation in Plants

I've not seen prostrate water mint before, but this smellt like water mint and there were typical upright flowering plants nearby. It was on the exposed bed of a small lake. (Photographed on my doorstep, not in situ.)

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Stace says water mint has a

Stace says water mint has a strong pleasant scent and describes pulegium as pungent. Another book described pulegium as smelling sickly. Can anyone comment on how different they smell, please? M. pulegium would be a very good record on Anglesey, though it would leave me open to prosecution.

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Scent is rather subjective

- I don't consider the scent of water mint to be pleasant.

My opinion was that the plant didn't look all that like water mint (and I think it wasn't just the prostrate habit), but that if the odour was the same then water mint was the likely ID. However I though that it was worth bringing up pennyroyal as an alternative (in hindsight perhaps a comment might have been preferable to an alternative identification).

I'm looking for feedback from an expert. I've also taken a note to myself to look at the colony that Tim Rich told me was pennyroyal (I though it was corn mint). (The rarity of pennyroyal hadn't clicked with me.)