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Observed: 11th August 2013 By: IWoodwardIWoodward’s reputation in InvertebratesIWoodward’s reputation in Invertebrates
Larkswood pool area Hoverfly sp 1 2013-08-11 part 1
Larkswood pool area Hoverfly sp 1 2013-08-11 part 2

Thanks to those of you who helped provide or confirm IDs to the inverts I posted on Sunday. Kept this one back to try to ID myself before posting but photos were not really good enough to key it out. From just looking through the field guide Melangyna cincta or Meliscaeva cinctella seem possible candidates. I'm aware that it may be impossible to even ID to genus from these photos, but have posted in hope rather than expectation!

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Both the species you mention would show a more yellow scutellum and a slightly less elongate body. The dark scutellum points to Melanostoma or Platycheirus. Really, you need to see the male's front tarsus, then, to see whether narrow (Melanostoma) or expanded in some way (Platycheirus). In this case, the male M. scalare's long thin body, with squared spots is quite distinctive. A very common species...one worth getting used to.


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Thanks for the tips Ian - have only just started looking at hoverflies so will no doubt get used to this one and other common species in due course!