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Observed: 13th August 2013 By: ian hurstian hurst’s reputation in Birdsian hurst’s reputation in Birds
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Medium sized duck with brown neck and head,yellow eye,grey bill with small mark on tip.White patch at base of bill and white wing bar.Lesser

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How far along the wing does the wing-bar extend? Lesser Scaup should have a grey outer wing-bar (the primaries) and white only on the secondaries. The bill pattern does indeed look quite Lesser Scaup-like, but the head shape isn't great - should be peaked towards the rear crown. Not great for Tufted either, to be fair, but it looks a bit like a juvenile bird moulting out of downy plumage, which might explain why it looks so rounded. There's not much contrast between body and head/neck either, which would suggest Tufted to me.

It's possible that it's a hybrid, of course - Aythyas are pretty prone to hybridising, and female-types are under-recorded. Pochard x Tufted Duck is not an unusual combination!

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Lesser Scaup or not

I agree with your comments.Wing bar was not a bright white but i only got a short view. I
will have to keep an eye on it over the next weeks and see which of the 3 options it is.
Thanks for advice. Ian Hurst.