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Not known bracket fungus

Observed: 12th August 2013 By: ex-royalex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensex-royal’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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What tree

Is it growing on?
It's a bit tricky, because it looks as if another fungus is growing on it (the white "fur").
I wonder if it might be Many-zoned Polypore (Trametes versicolor): that species is variable, but almost always has the white edge. But I'm not confident enough to offer it.

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I agree with Amadan rather tricky measurements would help plus tree type,if it's when the leaves have fallen a rough idea can be found by the leaves lying on the ground also you could remove one bracket and get a spore print all you do is put it pore side down on a sheet of paper and cover with a jar overnight and hopefully you will get a colour on the paper.The pores look rather large for many zoned polypore.


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I went back

to the site yesterday. The fungus in the first image is about 5cm across, and in the second image about 15cm across

The dead logs piled around were Silver Birch and Alder, there were no dead leaves around. I think this specific example was on Alder.

Thanks for the instructions on how to obtain a spore print, which I followed. There was no colour on the paper this morning but the underside of the fungus had taken on a purplish tinge - image now included above.