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Sea Mayweed (Tripleurospermum maritimum)

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D2 P36.
D2 P37.
D2 P38.
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The location given ...

... isn't on the coastline.

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I set the location as 'Foryd

I set the location as 'Foryd Bay', but iSpot always changes the location so it is near to a road. I've never understood why it does this, but it won't accept a place name.

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iSpot uses ...

... something like a post code database - it takes the actual coordinates and finds the nearest postal address and uses that as the name, which if you're not actually walking along the road is usually not the best choice. (But it does leave the marker on the map in the right place.)

You can (I usually do) edit the name afterwards, and iSpot will accept this, and leave the location in the correct place.

But you also have the location on the map wrong (a couple of miles inland). I don't know why that has happened.

However, a way of entering locations (I rarely do this - I usually enter grid references taken off a GPS) is

1) Enter a place name to get the map up in roughly the right area.
2) Drag the marker on the map to the correct place.
3) Tell iSpot to accept this location.
4) (Optionally) Edit the text of the location name iSpot has selected.