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Bloody Cranesbill

Observed: 27th May 2010 By: anonymous spotter
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Not quite like meadow- or wood cranesbill to my mind

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Meadow cranesbill - G. pratense - normally grows to around 3 feet, sometimes more, flower colour varies from white through pale greyish to pale blue to deep blue. Wood cranesbill - G. sylvaticum - is much the same size as G. p. but flowers are shades of blue. Bloody cranesbill seldom reaches much more than 8 inches tall, and often is no more than a thick carpeting plant, flowers range from white through pink to deep red - indeed, "not quite like the previous two".

The only likely confusion with G. sanguineum, would be with G. cinereum.

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Bloody Cranesbill

At first I thought that the flowers weren't quite, well, bloody enough. But it makes sense from what is said above - also the fact that the underlying rock is limestone, which the plant prefers.
Thanks for id and comments.