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Sea squirt or anemone

Observed: 12th August 2013 By: lalows2lalows2’s reputation in Invertebrateslalows2’s reputation in Invertebrateslalows2’s reputation in Invertebrates
sea squirt perhaps

Found tunnelled in to sabellaria reef. Was about three times length when first found and when gently prodded squirted two jets of water - no tentacles seen. Blob about 10 - 12mm diameter. Attached to a pice of Sab reef on right-hand side

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Anemone or sea squirt?

Ascidian sea squirts have two siphons and, when they are disturbed, eject water from both these openings. Your description mentions two jets of water. However, there is no evidence of more than one opening in this photo, though it is possible it is a siphon on the side which we cannot see. On balance the anemone Sagartia troglodytes seems most likely as, though we cannot see the tentacles, we can see the debris adhering to the suckers on the typically dull-coloured column, which are characteristic for this species. The habitat you describe would seem to suit an anemone with the specific name of 'troglodytes'.