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House Spider, or some kind of new Species perhaps? - Found in Sink. West Midlands

Observed: 10th August 2013 By: RockyzRockyz’s reputation in Invertebrates

Before taking a shower, I needed to turn off a running tap. Due to this, I had spotted this strange spider - Shiny back sort of. With greyish kind of abdomen. It was hard to decide what it may have been. Although I am 100% certain it's a Female. Due to my recent knowledge of spiders...
(What do you guys think it is?) - Luke
Update: Although it could also just be mistaken for a Mouse Spider. It most likely would be a Amaurobius similis. However when disturbed it didn't do anything apart from scatter away. - What I'm saying is don't Amaurobius similis show some kind of defensive movement. - If not, then sorry. - The spider really has me interested, it looked different to other spiders I've encountered in the Bathroom. - So hmm...

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Mouse Spider.

There was a large female Scotophaeus blackwalli stuck in my empty bath this week. They often go walkabout in houses at night. Perhaps the light colour of this female make this confusing. The front middle eyes are larger than the others which makes me think this is Scotophaeus.