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Dark / Common Marbled Carpet

Observed: 11th August 2013 By: T-boneT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in InvertebratesT-bone’s reputation in Invertebrates
IMG_1529 sml
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Presumably a micromoth, forewing about 10-12mm though this is only a retrospective guesstimate.

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Green carpet

Thanks for pointing to Carpets - perhaps it is a faded Common Marbled Carpet (C. truncata) or Dark Marbled Carpet (C. citrata)?


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Could well be!

No expert haha, now I've looked at into Green Carpet I know i'm probably wrong. Marbled Carpet seems likely!

James Common
Twitter: @CommonByNature

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Chloroclysta truncata/citrata

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of the underside, and it was released. I've added the only other photo which is less contrasty and the 'right way' up. Of the two I think I would lean towards C.truncata given the angle that the outer edge of the central forewing cross-band approaches the central projection from the leading edge. But we shall never know for certain with this individual.


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I would also

lean towards truncata but I think this one will just have to stay as the aggregate.

David Howdon