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Peru unknown thing

Observed: 10th March 2007 By: Davehilliard

approx 30mm x 30mm
Symetrical down both sides and mostly transparent. No internal organs visible. No joints on the leg like structures. Equal protutions pointing vertically out of the middle of its back.
This item was photographed by myself on a leaf of an understorey palm in the amazon rainforest Peru, adj to the Tambopata river. It was not moving and we could not decide of it was animal or fungal etc. We wondered if it had fallen out of the canopy. No one had any idea what it was including the resident naturalists and ecologist that were with our group.


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Spun Glass Caterpillar

I have now found out that this is a SPUN GLASS CATERPILLAR.

Dave H

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What an amazing creature! It

What an amazing creature! It looks totally made up.