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Is this medlar?

Observed: 7th August 2013 By: Nature naive

Can anyone tell me what this is. I thought maybe medlar?

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it looks like quince

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What is the scale?

When it is said that it looks like medlar I assume that the fruits are about 1 inch in diameter.

However, the foliage didn't look right for a medlar, and the photographs were sufficiently blurred that I wasn't sure about the fruits either. Now that box is mentioned, I realise that it does look like that, but box fruits are much smaller.

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Definitely Buxus...

... the fruits, with the persistent calyx (thank you, Stewart, for the technical term!) are not often seen as, in gardens, this plant is usually clipped, and does not flower.

It could be B.sempervirens, or possibly B. macrophylla, I can't quite tell from the leaves: the latter has leaves which are more rounded, less tapered at the distal end.

This photo should definitely win a prize for being most misleading regarding scale!! I would have said, at first glance, those fruits were at least 2" across...

Rachy Ramone

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I've just checked it in Stace ...

... and in this case it is persistent styles.

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A question is whether the photograph ...

... is inherently misleading, or whether it is a case of expectation bias resulting from the mention of medlars.

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Definitely expectation bias...

... not just the mention of medlars, the hazy outline of house windows in the background, the tree-like proportions of the woody upright stems, they all combine to give the wrong impression of scale.

I did not mean to suggest that it was deliberately misleading in any way.

Persistent styles, this time, eh? *laughs* Thank you!

Rachy Ramone

How to take close-ups with cheap phone and hand-lens:
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I didn't think the photo was

I didn't think the photo was misleading, there is not indication of scale. So the title was a bit misleading but Nature naive was right to put a question mark - indicating the identification is not definitive.
It may well be another species of Buxus but I do not know how to tell them appart - sorry.