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Willow Beauty (Peribatodes rhomboidaria)

Observed: 10th August 2013 By: MickETalbot
A#52 2013-08-10 017

Attracted to light
Different (to my eye) from the Willow beauty.
Love some feed back via the comment option...

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Hi Donald,This one and the

Hi Donald,
This one and the main one above look to be different..? Size/span also differ by 5+ mm.

Find a match on the carousel and mark it for me please.

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Hi Mick,

I agree it seems a bit big but only by a couple of millimetres so that's not significant. I could put a few notes and circles on a photo of a WB and send it to you if you want to give me your email address.

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Email address.

larvae003 at yahoo dot co dot uk

Look forward to the photo. Thanks Donald, always in need of help.