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Charlotte on the subject of intimidation...

In April 2008 while pursuing a pod of large Brown trout, they lured me out along a precarious spine of slippery and treacherous rocks. All the while an aggressive Cob cleared the bay of all other Swans showing his macho prowess to his mate. As I teetered and tried in vain to present a fly to these fine fish, the Cob, now quite alone and unhindered by his fellow species decided to turn his attention to me. I showed my courage by ignoring his initial approach. Which wasn't that difficult as at this stage he was well out in the bay and I reckoned that his ire would dissipate as he got closer. Unfortunately I miss calculated. This bird was on a mission his posture and speed was impressive and the bow wave he pushed in front of him was starting to look like I might have to surf it! Nightfly was by now alerted to my predicament and enjoying the spectacle no end. The cob now thirty five yards out decided to change tack. He went airborne. No longer did I hear the hoot's from my so called companion as the bird was approaching at chest height and I was going nowhere. All I could do was watch and hope and sure enough at just a few yards out from me he plunged down and with his best aggressive posture he swam around the point in the sure knowledge that his bay belonged to him and not me or any of the other Swans. Now I could hear Cáthal's laughter again and with legs of jelly I retreated back along that treacherous point well intimidated.
Regards Peadar

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Never underestimate a swan...

Never underestimate a swan... Quite unlucky that I wasn't there to laugh with Cáthal!


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Hurts Charlotte there must be a lot of cruelty in that French heart of yours! Or maybe just divilment!