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Fiddler Crab - Galveston Texas

Observed: 9th March 2010 By: AdamfromCanadaAdamfromCanada’s reputation in Invertebrates
Fiddler Crab 1
This is a fiddler crab. The males have one giant pincher which is pretty much entirely to attract girls. Apparently to female fiddler crabs, size very much matters.
Fiddler Crab 3

These crabs were found near Galveston, Texas. The first two are males, the last one a female. I'm thinking sand fiddler crabs, but I could be mistaken. Welcome any thoughts!

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Atlantic Sand Fiddler

Uca (Leptuca) pugilator is a trinominal name used in some literature.
I think the purple 'face' is diagnostic
"Displaying males have a characteristic pink or purple patch on the middle of the carapace" and is shown really well here as Atlantic Sand Fiddler.
Found as far north (surprisingly, I see) as Truro Station, Cape Cod. One wonders whether it might occur in Canadian waters.
Good supporting information here