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Meadow Brown

Observed: 8th August 2013 By: Pam Burrow
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I can see why you think this is a Meadow Pam. Many people would be put off by the double white eye to the black dot on the forewing, normally considered characteristic of a Gatekeeper, but they shouldn’t. A quick trawl of iSpot will throw up several examples of Meadows with two eyes (one of them may even be from me).

The hindwing is fairly indistinct and could be suggestive of a male Meadow ... but, but ... it’s those little spots they sort of suggest Gatekeeper and the patternation, though indistinct is also suggestive.

However I’m not convinced (brave) enough to put up an alternative ID.



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Mmm. Thanks, Ray. I did

Mmm. Thanks, Ray. I did dither about this one, especially as I saw lots of Gatekeepers on the same walk (but they were more obliging and I got more photos of them!). As usual, I plumped for the one I thought - as usual, it may well be the wrong one!!!
Thanks again.