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Is it a Broom Moth?

Observed: 7th August 2013 By: toricatucitoricatuci’s reputation in Invertebrates
Caterpillar face
Caterpillar Body

This large caterpillar (50mm) was found on tall grass during a bug hunt in a 3ft high wildflower meadow on chalk grassland on a hillfort in Sussex (Devil's Dyke). We then found a much smaller identical caterpillar about 14m away which was much closer to a scrubby fenceline and grazed grassland. Dock and plantain were available close by

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Hi Toricatuci, It certainly

Hi Toricatuci,

It certainly is a Broom larva. Why not add a revised ID with scientific name (Melanchra pisi) to get more agreements and have the observation included in the carousel for the species.